Bryony at home bargains

From Home Bargains to Disneyland!

Could you help autistic people and people with learning disabilities across Somerset to find employment and follow their dreams?

Today we talk to Gina, who has been supporting Bryony’s dream to earn enough to take her daughter to Disneyland!

Thanks to Bryony’s support from Discovery’s supported Employment team and Home Bargains, it’s fast becoming a reality!

“I quickly realised that Bryony was more than ready, willing and able to work because she wanted to save up to take her daughter to Disneyland.
Home Bargains are so pleased with Bryony and the progress she is making. Bryony is always on time and considering she has to set her alarm for 4 am, that’s an outstanding achievement.
There was no support in Bryony’s previous job, so it didn’t work out. But Home Bargains is a very supportive employer. They always pick the phone up to me; they are flexible and accommodating, too, which makes a HUGE difference.”

Gina Pring, Discovery Supported Employment Officer

Bryony says:

Bryony in home bargains

“I am so excited by my life now I can see how it’s all coming together. When I got this job, I said to Gina it was perfect for me because the hours mean I have the rest of the day to do what I want, and it feels amazing to be saving up to take my daughter to Disneyland. We are on track for this September!”

Are you inspired by Gina and Bryony’s story and would like to support autistic people or those with learning disabilities to get more from life? If so, go here.

Or suppose you are a business in Somerset that would like to make your service autism and learning disability-friendly?

Discovery’s community fund could help you pay for adaptations, training and other things your business might need to become truly accessible to the whole community. The fund is open to all types of organisations right across the county. Find out more here.