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16th April 2021

Community safety

Please sign our letter which calls on the next Police and Crime Commissioner to think about people who have a learning disability and autism. It is important that the Police and Crime Commissioner makes decisions that keep people safe and that tackle some of the problems people experience.

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8th April 2021

SIBS: Part of the partnership

This National Siblings day I want to encourage families – siblings as well as mum and dad – to speak up, to share their gut feelings, to ask questions, to share their hopes and fears with the people who give day-to-day support to their loved one.

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6th April 2021

Colleagues, let’s call out some arrogant attitudes

A cornerstone of therapy that is often misinterpreted is that the individual is the expert in their own experience. What this means is that dialogue is essential for therapy. It means that practitioners need to change and develop, and really understand each unique individual they work with.

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11th March 2021

“It’s helping everyone move towards a proactive approach of taking care of people’s health.”

A nutrition and well-being project is being rolled out across the Dimensions group and nutrition volunteers have been recruited to work with people we support across Somerset. The project provides one-to-one coaching with menu plans and nutritional advice specifically tailored to individual preferences, empowering people with learning disabilities and autism to maintain a healthy lifestyle […]

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1st March 2021

Stop People with Learning Disabilities Dying too Young

We hope you’ll never need them, but following today’s launch, we’re pleased to share some important new resources: What does a Coroner do and what is an inquest – video You can also watch this directly on YouTube here Where is the justice – video You can also watch this on YouTube here Or read […]

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2nd February 2021

A listening ear

A Discovery support worker has been volunteering as an NHS Volunteer Responder. Amy Stephenson who supports people at Springview in Yeovil has put herself forward to help others. This involves phoning people who are having a tough time because of the pandemic and providing a listening ear to alleviate loneliness. Amy volunteers in addition to […]

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27th January 2021

Holocaust memorial day

We are proud to mark this important day by taking part in the lighting of candles across Somerset as a reminder that we need to be the light in the darkness. It’s important to reflect that the first stage of genocide is not respecting difference. People with learning disabilities were subjected to the gas chambers. […]

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25th January 2021

What Am I missing?

People with learning disabilities don’t often vote in elections. Is that the root cause for why this group so often find themselves at the back of the queue? Is that what I’m missing? Encouragingly in our research, 57% of respondents said they want to be more involved in politics as a result of the pandemic. That must be a real opportunity for change. So if you are in a position to encourage even one person with a learning disability or autism to get into politics, please do so.

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14th January 2021

Wellbeing in nature

The Discovery Community Fund has awarded £50,000 to a Somerset nature project to enable people with learning disabilities and/or autism to connect with the natural environment to improve their health and wellbeing.

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5th January 2021

Adventure therapy in somerset

The Discovery Community Fund has awarded Adventure Therapy a grant of almost £33,000 to provide outdoor activities to adults with additional needs in Somerset. All of the activities are designed to improve mental health and wellbeing, improve vitality and create a sense of accomplishment. This has been particularly important during lockdown.

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