A smiling person being supported onto a special wheelchair swing by two support workers

Drop the mop, pick up the bucket list – a peak through the Castle Cary keyhole

Are you a problem solver who likes to think outside the box and a can-do caring person who isn’t phased by a challenge? Would you love to drop the mop and pick up a bucket list instead?

Then it’s time to find out what The Maples is up to in Castle Cary:

So, we asked locality manager Hannah White about a typical day at The Maples.

I love it at The Maples because most of the people we support here communicate with body language and facial expressions, meaning you have to work much harder to understand what they are communicating. So, when you get there, it’s that much more remarkable because it’s not just as straightforward as them telling you with words, “I want to do this.” 

What would you like to do today?

It’s trial and error, talking, showing pictures and objects, looking at their facial expressions and a longer road to get there. But when you achieve it, it’s incredible.

We took a lovely lady we support to a funny theatrical outside show, thinking she would love it. She hated it. However, the great thing was how obvious it was! Her whole look was saying, “where have you bought me? “

So, we will never take her there again. But we tried, and that’s equally important, getting to know what a person wants to do and when.

A smiling person being supported onto a special wheelchair swing by a support worker

One gentleman we support loves being wheeled up and down as he mops the floor. He finds it hilarious! But, still, he only sometimes wants to do it. So we drop the mop, find out what he wants and give him a fantastic day.

What better way to spend your day than making someone else’s?

Another gentleman we support holds up a stereo to mean – “have a bath!” Because he likes to play music on the stereo outside the bathroom. You would never know this without getting to know him, but working with someone all day, you get the time you need to know someone.

A person we support holding a tablet to his ear

We are a place with an active pace. 

We do a lot! From hydrotherapy to the cinema. Longleat, and at this time of year, The Festival of Lights, or reindeer at Yeovil. You need to be a can-do caring person with an ambition for the people we support to have the best time. Whatever you can find that is going to light up their world, you can do it. It’s about being imaginative and having a can-do mindset for the person to #GetMoreFromLife. There are no barriers.

-Hannah White, Discovery Locality Manager at The Maples

Interested in being paid the new increased hourly rate of £11:55 to have a great day?

Drop the mop, pick up the bucket list (and the phone)!

Have a chat with Hannah about the role today on 07393 011908 to help someone we support in your community #GetMoreFromLife.

The Dimensions group (which Discovery is a part of) has been officially accredited as one of the UK’s Best Workplaces by the Great Place to Work Institute for two years running. Additionally, this year, we received a “Wellbeing” award and a “Great Workplace for Women” award.