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65% of people with learning disabilities would like to be in paid employment, but only 6% are currently in work. At Discovery we believe in a person-centred approach helping everyone to achieve their aspirations, and supporting people to find employment is no exception.

Our dedicated supported employment team, all of whom have gained the Training In Systematic Instruction certification, follow the British Association of Supported Employment’s best practice approach, supporting people into employment who do not necessarily meet traditional criteria for ‘job readiness’ or ‘employability’.

“It is so important for a young adult with learning disabilities to get the extra support they need to get a job.  I don’t what we would have done without Discovery’s help” – Family member

Through our supported employment programme, we have been able to help people into work at organisations including, but by no means limited to: Musgrove Park Hospital, ITS Construction, Tesco, Sherborne School and the new Hinkley Point C Power Station.

Paid employment can give people with learning disabilities a sense of independence, both personal and financial, that they would not otherwise have. It allows them the opportunities to make a wider circle of friends, earn money and put their skills to use in creative ways that helps lead to more fulfilling and richer lives.

“Discovery were a great support and we both understood what we wanted to achieve.” – Employer

Both the people we support and the employers we have worked with have commented on the huge positive distance our supported employment programme has made to their lives and to their workplaces. Since the start of Discovery, we have supported 95 people into employment and are proud of what each and every one of them have achieved. 100% families have rated us as ‘excellent’ and 100% of employers have rated us as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’.

In the last 12 months alone, we have received 120 referrals to supported employment, and we are excited to continue demonstrating the benefits of supported employment to families, employers and communities.

If you want to find out how supported employment can help you, your business or your family, email:  or