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What is it like to be a trustee? We ask Harry

What is it like to be a trustee? What do trustees do exactly? And what type of person makes a great trustee? 

Today, we ask Harry, a Discovery trustee since we started in 2017. 

Harry was working for Somerset County Council as a Young Person’s Champion when his job coach told him that Discovery was looking for a new trustee. She thought Harry would be a great fit with his skills in supporting people as a Champion, his love of documentation and his personal experience:

“Whilst I can’t speak on behalf of all the people we support, I can empathise and understand some of the issues they face and offer that perspective to Discovery. Having an early diagnosis helped me get the support I needed throughout my education. Still, I was pleased to see the application in easy read, which helped me to apply.”

– Harry Tavare,

What is the trustee selection process like?

Harry is an excellent fit for a trustee role at Discovery. Still, there’s a selection process to go through. Harry shares his experience below:

“I went on a workshop with other candidates and new recruits. There, we thought about the level of responsibility and accountability we needed as trustees. As well as how we could help the people we support lead better lives. From there, I met some of the people we support and had a panel interview.”

What is it like to be a trustee?

Imagine you are through the selection process and excited about being a new trustee. What happens now?

“As a trustee, you get to visit and talk to the people we support and their teams in their homes to find out what it is like daily. You also get to attend Discovery Council meetings which are a great way to hear what the people we support need. From tackling hate crime and accessibility issues in the community to getting the proper support at their GP – anything we take for granted.”

What type of person makes a great trustee?

As someone with lived experience, Harry has much to offer. Still, becoming a trustee could be excellent for you if you have personal or professional experience and a desire to listen, learn and advocate for the people we support.

Picture of Harry

As a trustee, you will get make significant changes happen from the top down.

To be a trustee, you must be a compassionate and considerate team player who is happy to question and support senior colleagues. 

“I work with a great group of people on the board and the executive team. We bring diverse skill sets to the table, making exciting conversation flow. I love to hear about the latest developments, projects and activities. I like to listen to what people say, consider how people can be supported and help the executive team make sure Discovery is doing the best we can.”

– Harry Tavare, pictured below, awarding Ben Jackson-Nash Inspiring People Award Winner 2022

So, if you are:

  • A strategic thinker with an open mind
  • Respectful of a culture where all views and perspectives are welcome
  • Ready and willing to challenge and question what we do, how we do it 
  • Aligned with our values of ambition, respect, partnership, integrity, and courage

And this sounds like an opportunity you would like to explore; we’d love to hear from you! 

You can take the next step on your trustee journey on the VBS website here

Or if you would love to be a trustee one day but need to gain experience, you can get started by viewing our current vacancies here.

The Dimensions group (which Discovery is a part of) has been officially accredited as one of the UK’s Best Workplaces by the Great Place to Work Institute for two years running. Additionally, this year, we received a “Wellbeing” award and a “Great Workplace for Women” award.