Alex Beckett who lives in Bridgwater, is able to share his interest in trains and buses after receiving a `Small Sparks’ grant from the Discovery Community Fund to buy a new tablet.

“I’m learning to navigate more and more each day but the main thing is making videos of trains and buses. I go down to take videos of special trains because no train’s the same, they’re all different. I’ve got 20 subscribers and one of my videos got more than 100 views on YouTube.” Alex said.

You can watch one of Alex’s videos here

Alex is supported by Gina Pring from the Discovery Supported Employment team, who coached him to get his job in Morrisons distribution centre.

The tablet enables Alex to download better apps so that he can edit his videos to make them better:

“It means so much to me because I can edit videos on a bigger screen and I can talk to people on forums which helps me make better videos.”

Alex is pictured with Misty, his pet budgie who he has looked after for six months.

“From day one Misty wanted to sit on my hand. I know how he feels and he knows how I feel and we work together. If I say “step up” Misty climbs up on to my fingers. Misty means the world, I would be lost without her.”

The Discovery community fund awards grants of between £500 and £50,000 to individuals and groups throughout Somerset so everyone with a learning disability and autism benefits, not only the people Discovery supports. The fund is managed independently by the Somerset Community Foundation.