The weight is over for Nicola and Sue

Dynamic duo Sue Matthews and Nicola Lintern have been friends for years. The pair are so close that they even decided to live in apartments next to each other and share a lounge and garden.

What’s more, since joining Discovery, the friends have lost a total of over six stone between them by working hard and working together with each other and with staff.

Sue said: “I told Nicola that I wanted to lose weight”.

Following Sue also raising the issue at an annual review, the staff team supported the pair to lose the weight. After deciding to get healthy, the pair settled upon joining their local Slimming World group.

The weight loss has had remarkable results. Sue’s recurring knee problems have improved significantly, with her stating that she feels much better now. Nicola has even taken up cycling.

She said: “I have taken up cycling and I enjoy it – but I crashed last time!

“I’m still excited to go every week, especially this week as I’ve just bought some new cycling gloves.”

Woman laughing at table

How did they do it?

We asked Nicola what the secret is to losing so much weight. She said: “I haven’t got the foggiest!”

The pair, along with their support teams, made goals which they could work towards, as well as creating a system of rewards to encourage progress.

I am very proud of Sue and Nicola, I can see the impact the weight loss has had on their health and wellbeing!

Liz Perry, Locality Manager

Speaking about how the pair lost so much weight, Locality Manager Liz Perry said: “Sue mentioned that she would like to lose weight to a support worker, Jemimah Winwood, who looked into local slimming groups to find what was available and the costs involved.

“Slimming World suited both Sue and Nicola’s schedules, so Jemimah organised weekly support for them to attend, plan weekly menus and go shopping. Staff were always on hand to support and encourage the pair to swap unhealthy food items for healthier alternatives.

“This proved to be a great success. It was soon noticeable that both Nicola and Sue were losing weight and looking a lot healthier. Slimming World regularly celebrated their achievements with certificates and lots of praise at the weekly group which really motivated them both.

“Nicola and Sue definitely enjoyed shopping for new clothes after losing weight too.

“I am very proud of Sue and Nicola, I can see the impact the weight loss has had on their health and wellbeing!”

Congratulations both on your amazing effort!

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