The Value of Volunteering

Time is the one thing we all have in common, but it is also the one thing that we each use very differently…

At Discovery, we cannot thank our 54 volunteers enough for their support during the last three years and for all of the time they have devoted to volunteering long before Discovery was born. Each and every person gives such valuable time to improving the lives of the people we support.

The value each volunteer brings is not only measured in time, but in experience, insight, guidance, advice, connections and friendship. Qualities that are near impossible to gain through any other route.

Volunteering helps to open the door to so many potential opportunities; that’s why we’re encouraging anyone with some free time to join us and support people to lead much better lives.

Take a look at our volunteering video to see the impact our award-winning volunteers make:

Feeling inspired? You can sign up to volunteer on our website by clicking here or by contacting Vanessa Glasgow on 07342 990575 or