Ollie’s grand day out

Are you a can-do caring people person who is:

Enthusiastic about people’s rights and inclusion?

Isn’t fazed by a challenge and likes to think out the box?

Likes to know you make a difference to someone’s day?

Here, at Discovery we are passionate about making sure we do the best for the people we support, as Ollie’s story demonstrates:

Oliver really wanted a Grand Day Out in Bristol. This might sound simple, to you and I just get up and go, but Ollie is a 25-year-old man with complex needs. Ollie communicates without words and uses a wheelchair, so everything needs a bit more thought than ‘off you go!’

The team at community outreach were determined that Ollie should have a memorable day out, so got their thinking caps on.

Firstly, we needed to understand what a great day out would look like for Ollie

We needed to rely on our knowledge of Ollie’s likes, dislikes and previous experiences. We know Ollie loves sensory colours, bubbles, textures, and noises. We also know Ollie also loves motion having had several trips out on the bus and watching his reactions. With this in mind, we suggested to Ollie that he might enjoy the aquarium, and as he didn’t push the picture away, we knew that wasn’t a no, so it must be a yes!

We also know that Ollie is a man of the world when it comes to food. From authentic Indian curries to Italy’s finest lasagnes and a hearty Bulgarian stew. Using this worldly knowledge, we thought it would be a fun surprise for Ollie if we took him to ZaZaBazaar, Bristol’s finest buffet of global cuisine.

Secondly, we planned, planned and planned some more…..

    •   Risk assessment? Complete
    •   Activities? Booked
    •   Changing Places nearby? Checked (link to changing places)
    •   Two of Ollie’s support team? Booked
    •   Ollie’s van? Checked and booked.

    As we pulled up in the van, Ollie was so excited (and so were we!). Greeted by pleasant weather we meandered along the docks, Ollie taking in the surroundings, and marvelling at the huge boats – almost as huge as the smile on Ollie’s face. We stopped at the pub for a drink, and then at Cabot Circus’s Changing Places, before heading to ZaZaBazaar.

    Up high in the lift, Ollie’s face delighted to discover how busy and bustling it was!

    There were so many different plates of food for Ollie from all around the world. Ollie was in his element. Lots of foods he could eat with his hands, lots of smiles and noises of approval.

    Are you inspired by Ollie’s story? Would you like to spend your days making a difference to someone’s life like the community outreach team featured here? Please see our available roles across the country here.

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