Never Give Up: How One Small Change Can Lead to a Real Transformation

Paul (not his real name) lived at the family home until he was 56. But the years took their toll. First came the loss of Paul’s mother, then his siblings moved out. The family was still close and came to visit a lot, so when lockdown struck, and Paul and his Pa had to fend for themselves, it all got a bit much.

So Paul moved into the Maples in October 2020, and once in, they couldn’t persuade him out. Previously, Paul enjoyed getting out and about, but now even on a good day he could only manage a few minutes sitting in a chair right outside his backdoor, with support.

Even then, he couldn’t relax; the change of environment after 56 years was just too much. And who could blame him? What a colossal amount of change for anyone.

This meant the biggest challenge was health. No walk meant no health appointments, as Paul was resistant to home visits from medical staff due to a distressing history with getting his blood taken.

Paul’s team were beginning to work with him on a plan for desensitisation when someone had a bright idea. Why not interrupt Paul’s routine and try to support him outdoors before he settled for the day? And guess what? It worked!

That first day, Paul got in his wheelchair to go to the car and then returned – a considerable win. The next day, the car started, and Paul transferred himself from the wheelchair to the car seat! And they were off, driving around town for the whole afternoon! Paul even got out, had a walk, and fed the ducks!

An incredible transformation in the space of 48 hours.

Paul and his team have not looked back since that first breakthrough. He’s loving getting out and about again, and the fears from lockdown have subsided. As Paul’s mental health has improved, Tellingly, that fear of needles has gone away too!

Paul is on a roll, just like his sleeves…they get eagerly rolled up when he goes out to get his blood taken now.

And with a cheeky smile on his face, Paul says, “Come on then! What arm would you like?!”
He loves to take a bow to applause at the end, and then he’s off to feed the ducks!

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