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Need a small spark to work it out? Phil’s story

Are you an autistic adult or do you know someone with learning disabilities who has an idea that needs money to make it happen?

If so, did you know you can apply for a Small Spark (part of our Community Fund) and receive a grant of up to £500 to make your little or big vision a reality? Just like Phil Dyer from Trendbuster Films did for his film debut – “Working It Out.”

Phil is a strong advocate for equal rights and paid employment, so after Covid struck, Phil and Alex wanted to convey a serious message in a light-hearted way. The result is Phil’s debut film – “Working It Out”, premiered at Bridgwater’s Engine Room this summer.

See “Working It Out” below:

Of course, there is no -one better to tell you about Phil’s big vision behind his small spark than Phil, so to finish, hear Phil and his support worker Alex Roland (founder of Your IT Now), in their audio interview here – it is informative, inspirational and great fun!

And remember, if you are (or know) an autistic adult or someone with learning disabilities that has an idea but needs money to make it happen you can apply to our Small Sparks Fund to ignite your big vision and receive a grant of up to £500 here.