Meet the Enterprise Players

Anne started volunteering at Colliers Court back in 1989, and is still volunteering there now.

Anne previously taught Keep Fit. Using a video, she encourages the people we support to move around in time to the music. Some really enjoyed this and Anne saw potential for some people in acting.

Now, together with Sarah Tremelling, who previously worked with the Discovery Supported Employment team, they jointly run a drama group, the Enterprise Players. The ensemble meet weekly to devise and practise a show, which they perform annually at the local Frome Merlin Theatre.

Enterprise players flyer
Some of The Enterprise Players

The ideas for the performance each year are generated by the group. Everyone puts forward their ideas and then the group members vote for their favourite. Previous shows have included the themes of space, the sea bed and a hotel.

Members come from far and wide to attend the group, now numbering 20 regulars. The group meet at the local football club, who provide a room and refreshments completely free of charge.

Some group members bring support workers or carers, who also often get involved.

Everyone mixes and has a laugh. I feel a bit nervous when we do the show, but also proud.

Tom, Group MemberTom

Howard, a former tutor in media arts, assists by filming the group members against a green screen, before superimposing them onto various backgrounds to be used in the productions. Howard has helped to create scenes with motorbikes and even surfboards.

The shows include singing, dancing and acting. Anne has noticed a significant growth in the confidence and communication skills of the group members.

Tom attends the group, which he really enjoys. He said: “Everyone mixes and has a laugh. I feel a bit nervous when we do the show, but also proud.

“I had lines to learn in the last show. My wife and I did a dance act to the song Lady in Red. We are doing a wedding next.”

This heart-warming story really demonstrates how valuable our volunteers and support workers are in helping the people we support to get more from life.

If you know someone who might like to volunteer with us, you can contact Vanessa Glasgow via email at