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22nd December 2022

New face covering guidance for adult support teams

A person we support playing a game with a support worker wearing a mask.

On 15th December, the Government announced changes to masking guidance across adult social care in England, moving towards a risk-based use of masks. This updated guidance details the risk-based approach of using face masks and replaces previous guidance that stated face masks should be worn at all times across adult social care. Please note, there will be […]

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15th December 2022

Come with Verity on a tour of Cedar Park

Do you live near Shepton Mallet and need a flexible job? Here at Discovery, we aim to be as flexible as possible because we understand everyone has different lives. An understanding manager is just what you need in the twenty-first century, isn’t it? So today let’s meet Verity, Cedar Park’s Locality Manager: “I understand people […]

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22nd November 2022

Sexual violence – if in doubt, reach out

Animation of the back of three women supporting each other with woman support woman written on their t-shirts

Shocking research tells us that autistic adults and people with learning disabilities are 1.5 times more likely to experience sexual violence and abuse than their non-disabled counterparts (WHO 2012) Sometimes it’s hard to detect, but the impact of sexual violence and abuse can be long-lasting and devastating. That’s why when SARSAS (Somerset and Avon Rape […]

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15th November 2022

Putting healthy choices first – Aaron’s inspiring people award

A person we support making breakfast

Imagine… you are supporting a gentleman in a lone working setting when the pandemic hits He has diabetes and needs specific food, the online deliveries are weeks away, and you need it now. He can’t go out, and you can’t leave him. What would you do? Today, meet Aaron, one of our Inspiring People finalists, […]

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14th November 2022

Making kindness go the extra mile – Stuart’s inspiring people award

Stuart, support worker standing smiling with his bike

As an inclusive employer, we look to recruit people who want to help others #GetMoreFromLife, but being kind doesn’t only benefit your CV! Five benefits of kindness include: Production of endorphins – the brain’s natural painkiller Boosts to happiness and well-being Lower blood pressure Lower cortisol (the body’s stress hormone) by 23% Slower aging. After […]

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8th November 2022

Hate crime. It’s not your fault.

a down syndrome girl making the love sign and smiling at the camera

Disability hate crime in Somerset is going unreported according to a needs assessment which found reporting to be lower than expected. Alice Parsley, Deputy Chair of The Discovery Council, is working with Somerset County Council, Avon and Somerset Police and Openstorytellers to raise awareness of disability hate crime through a series of videos. The videos […]

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1st November 2022

What a great support worker is made of – Jon’s Inspiring People Win

Support Worker with Inspiring People Award Smiling stood under a tree

What is a great support worker made of? To quote Helen Orford, Discovery’s Managing Director, at the recent Inspiring People Awards: “We strive to recruit people who share our values, who have a high ambition for the quality of life of the people we support, always respecting their choices, dignity and upholding their human rights. […]

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31st October 2022

Putting hope into action – Stefan’s story

A person we support and their support worker at a disco

Imagine you’re a young person with a zest for life. But you’re isolated and spend five days a week at home with family. You’re caught in a negative loop. No friends = no social confidence = no life for a young person. But then you meet a whole support team who see your potential.  At […]

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