Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas!

Scott (not his real name) is man in his sixties with learning disabilities who has also been diagnosed with early-onset dementia.

So we thought now was the time to draw up a making memories list to help Scott live his best life, despite his health challenges.

It was ambitious considering Scott doesn’t like heights and has an aversion to aeroplanes.

With careful planning and full engagement from his family, Scott got on the plane and flew out to visit Father Christmas in Lapland!

Scott loved the whole winter wonderland experience, and even better, the cabin crew invited him to sing jingle bells over the tannoy, ending in a resounding round of applause from the other passengers.

Scott is a bit of an entertainer, so he had himself a Merry Little Christmas!

The family say they won’t forget how happy this made Scott, and he will be supported to remember and share this experience with his family regularly.

I met Scott for the first time this week, upon meeting he proudly stated to me:

‘I’m not scared to fly anymore. I like heights!’

I also met the lady from Discovery that is helping Scott make his dreams come true:

“Seeing how happy and proud Scott is of himself and his achievement will forever be a highlight of my career! I feel so grateful to have shared this moment with him”.

“It has been a difficult couple of years for us all and much harder for those living with learning disabilities and dementia. Scott has been supported to have a year full of ticking dreams off his bucket list – from going on a sailing trip to visiting Harry Potter studios. Recording a cover and going to the magical Lapland to see Santa. I have been working with Scott and his family since I started as a support worker in 2019. It’s a privilege to support him to accomplish his lifetime achievement of overcoming his fear of heights and aeroplanes.”

Bryony Hagley, Assistant Locality Manager