Happy 4th anniversary Richard and Ruth!

We just got off a WhatsApp with the delightful Richard, who Discovery supports.

Richard and Ruth are an engaged couple from Street that agreed to talk to me about their relationship thanks to Beccy Simmonds, Inclusion officer for Discovery, who set the meeting up for us.

What a wonderful, fun-loving couple!

Ruth delighted in reliving how they met, on the dancefloor, taunting Richard by saying, “I bet you can’t remember!” but oh he did! Just as much as Ruth!

Richard said –

“It was love at first sight”.

Ruth said –

“We kept making our way closer and closer to each other until we were right in the middle of the dance floor, showing off to each other! We were flirting without even realising we were doing it!”

That was February 16th 2018 – yup! Happy 4th anniversary, Richard and Ruth! 

Over that time, they have navigated their relationship through three lockdowns, and Richard has proposed twice, both times on bended knee, once on Facetime, the other in person.

Ruth remembers it word for word…

“Ruth, I love you; I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you do me the honour of being my wife?”

On Facetime Ruth said she needed to think about it, so Richard gave Ruth the space and didn’t mention it again, until…

They could meet in person, he tried again – this time with a beautiful engagement ring to boot!

How could Ruth say no again?

As she says:

“We are a match made in heaven, we like all the same things from dancing to James Bond!”

Richard found the physical separation of lockdown hard and is happy to be with Ruth in person again. They are a demonstrative fun-loving couple looking forward to hopefully living together and getting married sometime soon!

In the meantime, it was also Ruth’s birthday on Sunday, so happy birthday Ruth, and happy Valentine and 4th anniversary Richard and Ruth!

Congratulations on finding each other, navigating lockdown successfully and on your engagement! May you live happily ever after. 

From all at Discovery. 

P.S) If this has inspired you, yup, you the person reading this 🙂 to start a relationship up with us take the first (dance) step with our fast, fun, interactive quiz here!