From Comfort Zone To Cake Café Throne -Claire’s story


Could you help autistic people and people with learning disabilities across Somerset to find employment and follow their dreams?

As a member of our supported employment team, that’s Gina’s job:

So today, let’s meet Claire, a young lady she’s supported since leaving college a few months ago.

During that time Gina has supported Claire to go from work experience to her first paid job in Glastonbury’s Winking Turtle Café, where Claire has been for the last six months.

SO, how did claire get there in the first place?

Below, hear how Claire found a passion for something she didn’t want to do!

CLAIRE AND GINA outside winking turtle cafe in glastonbury

“I didn’t want to do hospitality, but as it was my only option at college I gave it a go. One day, I noticed how much I was cooking and how I didn’t feel so scared by it anymore. Then, I found a passion for making cakes (notably Victoria sponges), followed by breakfasts. After that, dinners, and now I have a goal to own my own café”

– Claire

Cue the owner Bev:

“I’d be so proud of you if you did that! And so excited to be someone who helped you along the way. There’s no reason why you couldn’t work towards something like that.”

Claire: “Yes, but I have some challenges; I’m not great with money, and I am shy, but other people say my confidence has gone up in the last few months I have been working here.”

Claire and Gina outside the winking turtle cafe with the owner Bev

Congratulations for everything you’ve achieved already Claire – We can’t wait to help you take steps towards your own cafe!

As Bev says:

“When you’re so quietly spoken and have to wear a mask and be behind a screen, it’s tough. It’s nobody’s fault; that’s just keeping safe. But the more you speak to people, or handle money the easier it gets, just like cooking. You follow instructions so well and learn the ropes in no time – well, it might take a bit of time, but slow and steady, the Winking Turtle wins the race ;)”

So, next time you are in the colourful Somerset town of Glastonbury, how about visiting the Winking Turtle and getting some of that “ital” life force? Their “rasta pasta” stands out a mile from the sea of Glastonbury green juices!

In the meantime, Would you like to help autistic adults and people with learning disabilities across Somerset #GetMoreFromLife?

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