Friends reunited

Support workers in Chard have helped Trudi to rebuild a cherished friendship.

Trudi grew up on the Falkland Islands and became good friends with Trudy. “We went to the same school and I would often catch a lift on the back of her bike because the curvature of my spine made it difficult for me to keep up with the rest of my friends” explained Trudi.

When Trudi was ten she left the Falkland Islands to receive medical treatment in the UK and lost touch with her friend Trudy.

Several years later, Trudy left the Falkland Islands too and tried to find her old friend. She discovered that Trudi was living in Ilminster and arranged a visit. “We spent many years meeting, and attending events in each other’s lives,” said Trudi.

The two women lost touch again when Trudi spent six months in hospital and had to move quickly to a more suitable environment.

After being out of touch for a long time, Trudy visited the Falkland Islands again and met Trudi’s brother, Nevin, who put her in touch with the Yeovil social work team who were responsible for Trudi’s support. Trudy contacted support worker, Nikki Cox, who helped to reunite them. Trudi was excited to hear from her old friend again!

“Everyone loves hearing the stories of the parties we had when we lived on the Falkland Islands and seeing our old photos. We now keep in touch via social media and we share photos and meet up from time to time for lunch and coffee,” Trudi said.

During lockdown their friendship has remained strong, and they have talked regularly on the phone which has helped to keep their spirits up! Trudi sent Trudy flowers for her birthday and they also exchanged Easter cards.

Nikki Cox and the team at Mawbry House are delighted to have been able to reunite the two friends and they can see how happy the friendship makes Trudi.