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Person-centred support

We‘ll work with you and your loved one to plan support that builds his or her independence, helping him or her to lead an ordinary life as an equal citizen.

Person-centred thinking is the set of values, skills and tools we use to get to know someone and discover what they find important and what they want out of life.

Person-centred thinking helps us plan everyone’s support; from those with lower support needs to people who may have additional physical or mental health needs, who display behaviours that challenge or who have profound and multiple disabilities.

A few of the tools we use are outlined below. This isn’t an exhaustive list by any means, but we hope it will help you get a feel for our support. Once you’ve got a feel for how these tools combine to ensure high quality  support, you might like to find out more on the ‘Think and Plan’ website co-created by our parent Dimensions working with Helen Sanderson Associates.

One Page Profile

Everyone who works at Discovery or is supported by us has a One Page Profile. This summarises who you are as a person, and we encourage you to create one too. This helps everyone to understand what is important to a person and how we can work well together. It also enables us to match the people we support to the staff who support them.

Download Facts for Families One page profile

Planning Live

This event gathers everyone involved in supporting someone to create a personalised support plan. Together we look at your relative’s goals and ambitions, what’s important to and for them and how they like to spend their time. We use this to create personalised support for them based on their goals and ambitions.

Download your Planning Live Toolkit

My Support Plan

Helping shape and focus the support we provide to your relative, My Support Plan is regularly updated at person-centred reviews. It outlines what your relative wants from their life and support, and how we can support them best. My Support Plan is used by everyone involved in your relative’s support.

Person-centred reviews

Through person-centred reviews, we look at what’s working and not working with your relative’s support, working together to decide how things can improve. We use these reviews to update your relative’s support plan with new developments, goals and needs.

Download Your Relatives Annual Review Toolkit

Other tools you’ll find us using include:
  • community mapping
  • perfect week
  • roles and responsibilities
  • communication charts
  • matching support
  • decision making agreements.
Involving families and circles of support

One of our values is “partnership” and it is vital to us to work in partnership with families and friends. We are always looking for new ways of working, focusing on achieving great outcomes for the people we support, and enabling each person to have a fulfilling life.

As well as frequent contact with family members at a local level, we have more formal ways of making sure that families are listened to – through our Family Consultants as well as local groups and regular meetings with our senior staff. If you feel your voice is not being heard, you can also contact our MD Luke direct; you can find his contact details here.