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In this section you’ll find our factsheets, written specifically for friends and family of people we support. These are written in a clear and simple way, designed to help you make decisions about your loved one’s support. If your loved one is not supported by Discovery, you may find these provide useful context about what god support should look like.

Recruiting staff

How we match the right staff to your relative, involving them and their families in the process.

Download our Recruitment factsheet

Managing staff performance

We take staff performance very seriously. Every year each member of staff has a performance review – from the Executive Team through to the support workers and office staff.

Download Managing staff performance factsheet

When things go wrong

There are times when, as relatives, you know when something is wrong and will want to get it sorted straight away. At Discovery we will make it our priority to work with you to resolve the issue, as quickly as possible. Find out how to raise issues or concerns.

Download our When things go wrong factsheet

Food and nutrition

We aim to strike the right balance between what the people we support want to eat and what will keep them healthy. Find out how we support people to eat healthy and nutritious food that they enjoy.

Download our food and nutrition factsheet

Welcoming diversity

We respect and support the culture, faith and values of every person we support, their families and our staff. Find out more about our perspectives on equality and diversity.

Download our Welcoming diversity factsheet


Personalisation is about putting individuals firmly in the driving seat of their own support. Find out more about what it is and why it’s so important in social care.

Download our Personalisation factsheet

Jargon Buster

Our Jargon Buster explains some commonly used terms when talking about autism and learning disability support. Written as a factsheet for families of people we support, this glossary of terms is a useful tool for anyone navigating their way through support options.

Download our Jargon buster