Discovery Community Fund draws huge response

After months of hard work, the first window for the Discovery Community Fund closed on the 22nd February and has resulted in nearly 30 applications being received for the first round of grants to be made through the Discovery Community Fund.

Interest has stretched far beyond learning disability and autism charities, with nearly 30 organisations the length and breadth of Somerset including youth clubs, community centres, sports clubs and many others submitting applications.

I’m thrilled that demand for this funding has been so high. We are working hard to mobilise local organisations throughout Somerset to think more about inclusivity and helping people with learning disabilities have the same opportunities in their community as many other people. This response shows our message is really landing.

Luke Joy-Smith, Discovery’s Managing Director

The diverse range of projects range from building adaptations to wider self-advocacy. Bidders were asked to estimate the number of people who could benefit from their project. Collectively, 12,000 people could benefit from the funding.

In its first round, the Discovery Community Fund will be able to support projects to the value of £200,000. Successful bidders will be selected in March by the Strategic Partnership Board. Joy-Smith added,

“This is just the first round of funding. I look forward to working closely with the winning bidders and hope that bidders that do not receive funding in the first round will look out for future funding rounds.”