Discovery colleagues honoured at Inspiring People Awards 2023 event

An amazing group of inspiring colleagues recently gathered in Ilminster, Somerset, for the annual Discovery Inspiring People Award event.

Hosted at The Shrubbery Hotel, Discovery colleagues and people supported were in high spirits to celebrate the nominations, as well as look back over the year via a video featuring BBQs, people looking after their homes and gardens, family visits and an epic pool party!

The nominations themselves were truly incredible and, in some cases, life-saving support was given. Lead Support Worker Sam Platt and Support Worker Bev Stevens were deservedly given a standing ovation and were humble and emotional to have received awards.

Last year, the gentleman Sam and Bev were supporting was found unresponsive. Both gave him CPR, in turns, for 30 minutes until the ambulance arrived. His family were incredibly grateful for their quick actions and thanked them personally with a gift of afternoon tea. Discovery Managing Director Helen Orford also visited Sam and Bev to thank them.

Bev said that the experience with the gentleman “was frightening and exhausting, but they were grateful that they were able to help”. The clinicians who assisted him in hospital said that the gentleman, who was later diagnosed with epilepsy, would have most certainly died, were it not for the quick actions of our colleagues.

Members of the Discovery Council, Jamie Newland and Alison Cross, were in attendance at the annual event and handed out the awards to colleagues nominated. Nick Herksher and Richard Crompton, from the Discovery Board, and people we support, including Luke Hollick, Tony Rank, Martina Bell and Charlotte Henderson, handed out awards too.

Alison congratulated colleagues and reminded them that many of the nominations also feature people we support achieving outstanding things and of the importance of nominating them for ROC star awards.

Locality Manager Mandy Pope was awarded for noticing very subtle signs that two colleagues were struggling with their mental wellbeing, so in calling them, she was able to quickly intervene and guide and support them through their crises, ensuring they had the right support. Because of her actions, Mandy also received a standing ovation.

Helen Orford, Managing Director of Discovery, said of the event:

“It was my absolute joy and privilege to host the Discovery Inspiring People awards.

“We heard stories involving colleagues’ acts of heroism, compassion and courage, unified by a common purpose to support the people we support to have a good or better life than if they hadn’t known them.

“As ever, the people we support stole the show – whether dressed in tuxedos or sparkling frocks, everyone wanted to play a role in the celebrations and led the fanfare of gratitude and tributes to our wonderful colleagues.

“The inspiring people awards is definitely the highlight of my year and serves as a ready reminder of the importance of taking the time to recognise and appreciate our colleagues through our Inspiring People scheme and in other ways, for their unique and valued contributions.”