Zoe Hembury

“I began my career in health and social care through the recommendation of a former colleague. Supporting people to achieve whatever they want to in their lives, however big or small, was and still is a huge passion of mine so being able to play my part in different ways is my daily reward.

As far as my career goes, my current role as Operations Director is my biggest achievement. I am a very ambitious person and am always striving to achieve more and better myself. I’m currently studying for my degree through the Open University. I started studying Psychology but have now transferred to Health and Social Care to better support my career development.

Life is not one path, you can go off in any direction you want to and can always divert again if it wasn’t the right way. I started my working life in insurance, then skincare and cosmetics, then welfare and now health and social care.

“Do I regret not starting in social care sooner? No, because each industry and sector has taught me the knowledge, skills and experience to help me get to where I am today. My path makes me unique. So does yours.”

Self-belief is essential. If someone tries to knock that, use it as the fuel to drive you even further instead of allowing it to prevent you from reaching your destiny. So many times, through negative comments from previous managers, I have doubted my abilities which resulted in my confidence being knocked. A motto I would share with my younger self (and do share with my daughter regularly) is “if you believe it, you can achieve it.”