Mo Tandy

“It’s so good, I told my wife she should get on the wave after me”

Sadly we’re not surfing. This is Peripatetic (roving) Locality Manager Mo Tandy describing her experience of Aspire, the Dimensions Group’s career development programme.

Mo had worked for Somerset County Council since 2003, and transferred to Discovery as an Assistant Manager in 2017.

“For me, Aspire provided a brilliant insight into the cultural change we’d need to go through to get on board with Dimensions’ way of doing things. From our established insular, hierarchical way of working to really owning what we do, taking responsibility.”

“My advice to anyone seeking to build a career with Discovery or the wider Dimensions Group is to get out there. Put yourself forward. Meet people. And, if you get the chance, ride the next Aspire wave. You won’t regret it.”

“Aspire has definitely contributed to my recent promotion to Peripatetic Locality Manager. Through Aspire, I got the opportunity to shadow some Dimensions Locality Managers, which helped me imagine how to do things better. The professional career coaching was brilliant – they really taught me how to think for myself and use my own skills and knowledge, And now I’m networked across the Dimensions group – I’m involved in everything from a Group Health and Safety panel to our major IT redevelopment work. And of course, I’m supporting that change every day in terms of driving changes to documentation, to processes, to standards. I’m part of the change, I’m owning it.”