An open letter to potential new colleagues regarding our policy on vaccination


I’m Steve Scown, the Chief Executive of the Dimensions group (which includes
Dimensions UK, Dimensions Cymru, Discovery and Outreach 3Way). I’m delighted that
you’re considering applying to work with us – there has never been a better time to join

We’re one of the leading not-for-profit providers of support for people with learning
disabilities and/or autism in the country, and one of the UK’s ‘Best Workplaces’
accredited by the Great Place to Work Institute. We are in great shape to grasp the
exciting opportunities ahead of us – and we’ll do this by remaining focused on our
values and our overriding objective to provide great support. Whether you’re interested
in joining us as a support worker or in a business support role, you can be sure that you
would be making an important contribution to what we do – making a positive difference
to people’s lives every day.

We are able to talk about emerging from the pandemic now because of the success of
the vaccine roll-out in the UK. Covid-19 is in retreat because of the vaccine, and there is
growing evidence that not only does vaccination protect the person having the jab, but
also those around them. We work with very vulnerable people, and take very seriously
our duty of care both to them and our colleagues. We have therefore decided that it is
now a condition of employment with us that all new recruits either have been vaccinated
against Covid-19, or are willing to be vaccinated against Covid-19 – unless you can help
us understand your legitimate reason for not being vaccinated. Because we are one team
and we are all focused on providing great and safe support, this expectation applies to all
roles, including business support roles.

If our position on vaccines is putting you off applying, I would ask you to look at the facts
– vaccines have been proven to be safe and effective and they are undoubtedly helping
keep people out of hospital and alive. I know we are not the only employer insisting
on new colleagues being committed to receiving a vaccine – in fact, I believe it will
eventually apply to all those working in social care.

Finally, I’ve worked for Dimensions since 1993 and I would like to assure you that,
while we are not perfect, we are a friendly, dedicated and caring employer – as our
accreditation as a Great Place to Work would support. I hope you share our values and
our vision for making better lives for more people – you will be very welcome and will
be making an important contribution to something that every day makes a positive
difference in so many people’s lives.

Yours sincerely,

Steve Scown
Chief Executive
Dimensions Group