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Making a complaint

We take all complaints seriously, and treat them with discretion. If you wish to make a complaint, please use our guidance below or call the whistleblowing hotline.

Speak to someone

In the first instance, you should speak to your support worker or manager. They will be able to look at the issue and discuss it with you at a local level, involving only those necessary to help resolve it.

If you can’t reach a solution with them, or don’t feel comfortable talking to them, you can speak to your Operations Director.

Alternatively, you can write directly to Luke, our Managing Director at Discovery. Email him at He will respond as soon as possible.

Download Dimensions Complaints policy 


Whistleblowing in the workplace can be defined as; bringing to the attention of someone in authority an act, incident or procedure that is not right; or a concern or suspicion that something is unethical.

This includes such issues as malpractice, dangerous activity, abuse, fraud or corruption.

In most cases, a member of staff should be able to raise concerns with their immediate manager. However, where the member of staff does not feel able to do this, they can call the whistleblowing hotline (operated by an external, independent company).

The number to use is 0800 915 1571. This service is available 24 hours a day and ensures the confidentiality of the person raising the concern. Please quote Dimensions UK when raising your concern.

Download Dimensions Whistleblowing policy