Philip and Derek sitting on one of the walls they helped rebuild at Yeo Valley's Priddy Hill Farm 14.2.20
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Community outreach

We think you deserve the same opportunities in life as other people.

You should be able to make and keep friends.

You should be able to do things that interest you.

You should be able to go out near where you live.

You should be able to make choices about your life.

The new Community Outreach support from Discovery can help you do this, whatever your abilities and needs.

Watch this 2 minute video about how Community Outreach works:

How are people using Community Outreach support?

people reading

Ryan has found a gym he can use for the first time in six years! See his story here.

Sharon is teaching sign language to others. You can read her story here.

Emily has re-learned how to walk, see her story here.

We can support you to get more out of life too. Here’s how:

If you’d like to talk to us about how we can support you too, you can contact us below.

three poeple with questions putting hands up

We will work with you to look at your needs and wants.

We will talk with your family, to understand their needs too.

We will make a plan together.

If you or your relative would like to speak to a family consultant first, phone our helpline on 0300 303 9161 (Monday-Friday 10:00- 12pm) or email

We will process and protect the information you share with us in line with our privacy notices