The first step of 10,000 – Charlotte’s weight loss story

Sometimes it only takes one step in the right direction for everything to fall into place, but how do you know what that first step should be?

Meet Charlotte:

Charlotte’s story demonstrates something we call active support – support that’s made up of small steps that result in big changes. 

Charlotte has battled with her weight throughout her life, so when she came to Community Outreach a year ago, she had a clear goal. 

Charlotte wanted to get moving and be slim again.

Charlotte’s life-long battle with weight is all too familiar for people with learning disabilities. Sure, we all pinch more than an inch at times, but for people with a learning disability, a healthy weight and lifestyle can be harder to obtain and maintain. 

The Health Survey for England estimates:

In its 2019 report that 28.0% of adults in England are obese, and 36.2% are overweight.  For people with learning disabilities, the risk of being one of them is increased by 30% due to complex factors that make it harder to socialise, get out of the house, or be active daily. 

So, what was the first step that got Charlotte moving again?

Community Outreach was the first step of 10,000 daily steps that Charlotte now does, not because she must, but because she wants to.

Our Community Outreach hubs are central and many are in YMCA buildings. This means there is often a gym (or two in Charlotte’s case) under the same roof, making it easier for the people we support to get moving. 

The first milestone of Charlotte’s road to 10,000 steps was to support her onto the treadmill, but it wasn’t long before the urge to venture outside and onto the canal path she could see from the window took over.

Ever since, she hasn’t missed a step – 10,000 every day and one year later, Charlotte has lost three and a half stone!

In turn, her confidence has grown, her social life has improved, and she has discovered her incredible willpower, determination, and pride.

Charlotte is excited about what she is achieving with Community Outreach, as are we. She wants to tell everyone how it has transformed her life and weight loss journey.

So, we interviewed her about her story, see below:

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