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28th April 2023

The power of ‘No’ – Martin’s story

Imagine a situation where you’ve been working with a gentleman you support for decades. You’ve built a great relationship, but he has never uttered a word. Then, one day out of the blue, he does… how would that feel for those supporting him, and how do you think it happened? Martin is a gentleman we […]

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16th February 2023

Ollie’s grand day out

Are you a can-do caring people person who is: Enthusiastic about people’s rights and inclusion? Isn’t fazed by a challenge and likes to think out the box? Likes to know you make a difference to someone’s day? Here, at Discovery we are passionate about making sure we do the best for the people we support, […]

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20th May 2022

How Mike went from Isolation to Independence

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When Mike finished college, the prospects available didn’t help him progress. So the family moved to France, where Mike became friends with everyone in the village—finding freedom, independence, confidence, and a great social life through a family-orientated culture. However, there was no- one his age, plus it’s important for Mike to be around his siblings […]

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16th May 2022

From Comfort Zone To Cake Café Throne -Claire’s story

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Could you help autistic people and people with learning disabilities across Somerset to find employment and follow their dreams? As a member of our supported employment team, that’s Gina’s job: So today, let’s meet Claire, a young lady she’s supported since leaving college a few months ago. During that time Gina has supported Claire to […]

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13th May 2022

From Home Bargains to Disneyland!

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Could you help autistic people and people with learning disabilities across Somerset to find employment and follow their dreams? Today we talk to Gina, who has been supporting Bryony’s dream to earn enough to take her daughter to Disneyland! Thanks to Bryony’s support from Discovery’s supported Employment team and Home Bargains, it’s fast becoming a […]

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9th May 2022

Joe’s good news s”TOR”y

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Meet Joe, a lively, friendly, autistic male with a great gift of the gab and sense of humour who plays on words with any chance he gets! Joe who was in “Dire Straits” with his fitness, but with great support from his support worker Josh, Joe walked up Glastonbury Tor! Somerset’s landmark icon stands proudly […]

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18th March 2022

A picture a day puts the mop and bucket away!

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Julie is a bubbly, sassy meticulous lady with various complex needs, including Downs, learning disabilities, OCD, and dementia. She loves going out, particularly to Slimming World, and when she’s in, she loves tidying! The people that support Julie started to find that the “homes” Julie was finding for some things were causing a possible health […]

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19th November 2021

Stunning sunflowers

Drum roll please…..we are thrilled to announce the winners of our popular sunflower-growing competition which took place over the summer. Alice, the Deputy Chair of the Discovery Council is the winner of the tallest sunflower. Her sunflower is a whopping 13 feet! The award for the most beautiful sunflower goes to Robin Biberger from Frome. […]

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