Category: Families and Carers

6th April 2021

Colleagues, let’s call out some arrogant attitudes

A cornerstone of therapy that is often misinterpreted is that the individual is the expert in their own experience. What this means is that dialogue is essential for therapy. It means that practitioners need to change and develop, and really understand each unique individual they work with.

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22nd June 2020

New sexuality and relationships charter

Pride month means many things to many people.

Whatever their gender identity or sexuality, this Pride we’d like to remind people with learning disabilities and autism (and those around them) of their rights when it comes to intimate relationships.

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1st January 2020

“She’s got a life now, rather than an existence”

That’s the view of Pamela Winks, the mother of Jo Locke who we support at the Albemarle Centre in Taunton. Jo, who has Dandy-Walker syndrome and dysphagia, has gone from strength to strength since leaving the Six Acres day centre and starting her support in a person-centred way, from a community hub. Aaron Bradbury has […]

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17th December 2019

Working in partnership with families

I remember sitting down on holiday and having this overwhelming feeling. It felt like I had a heavy backpack on, and had just taken it off for a very brief moment. It then occurred to me that I had carried this backpack continually and it was very hard to remember a time when I didn’t […]

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