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Your career with Discovery

Every day as a Discovery colleague, you’ll be finding ways to be more ambitious on behalf of the people you support. Helping each individual to get more from life. It’s one of our values – and of course it simply why we are all here.

We hope you will choose to be ambitious in your own career, too. Choosing a long and successful career journey with us, along the path that is right for you. View the Discovery Career pathways flowchart to explore the pathways open to you at Discovery.

Most colleagues will join Discovery as support workers. Support work is what we do; it is our lifeblood. As a support worker, you’ll develop an ability to support a person on their unique journey to greater independence, You’ll be supported to inspire and connect everyone in a person’s circle of support. You’ll feel, as well as know, the highs and lows of support work, and of how to distinguish good support from bad. Many colleagues have found that these skills and experiences stand you in good stead for the whole of your career, regardless of your next step(s).

Our colleagues make a vital difference, supporting people with learning disabilities and autism to get more from life.

Here you can find stories of people with a diverse range of backgrounds, who are pursuing very different career paths. Some, like Chris, have spent half a lifetime passionately committed to direct support. Others, like Luke, have started in the same place and ended up as a managing director. Many others are on different but no less interesting journeys: Phil, who did 20 years with SCC and is now a Locality Manager. Suzanne, currently an executive assistant. Operations director Zoe, Locality Manager Mo and Quality & Compliance Reviewer Adam.