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Building your career at Discovery

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14 March 2019

“If you are interested in progressing, and your values are good, then my experience is that Discovery will nurture and develop you, and provide a wide range of career opportunities. Personally I have done more new things in 2 years at Discovery than in 20 years at SCC”

Phil Lang, Locality Manager

So says locality manager Phil Lang, who transferred to Discovery as a team manager. Phil’s career started in Children’s Services as a support worker, then supervisor before making the jump to supporting adults.

That next stage came along as part of November’s restructure. Phil secured a role as one of Discovery’s 27 Locality Managers. Phil is responsible and overseeing the planned closure of Oak crisis support and setting the two people we support there up for the future, with tailored support to meet their individual needs. After that he is taking on responsibility for the people we support at Ashbury and Brambles, two Registered Care homes in Taunton.

“I think there’s huge scope to make a difference there,” Phil says, “Have the people who live there ever been asked if they like who they live with and where they live, for example? Are their support plans truly person centred? Are they being supported to build their independence? There will certainly be a job to involve families properly and to build a truly person-centred culture – but that’s something I am very much looking forward to getting to grips with…ultimately it’s all about doing the best for the people we support.”