Amy Stephenson

Amy Stephenson is a support worker in Yeovil. She started her career with Discovery in May as lockdown was in full swing. This is her story:

“I was looking for a new job because the fashion store I worked in was closing. There were lots of adverts from different care providers but Discovery’s wasn’t full of jargon and it was more inviting. The application process was simple too. I applied online and it all happened very quickly and I had an interview straight away and got the job” she says.

Amy started in Yeovil on May 11th and works with people with profound and multiple learning disabilities.

“I think the training has been good in comparison with other people I know that work elsewhere in the care sector. During my induction, I think I learnt more in that one week than I’ve ever learnt before! I then shadowed for three weeks until I was confident to work more independently” she reflects.

Since then Amy has done extensive training by e-learning including: medication assessment, administration of medication through a PEG (percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy, a procedure in which a flexible feeding tube is placed through the abdominal wall and into the stomach) and how to safely operate a hoist. In her own time she’s completed a mental health level three qualification which has taught her about the Mental Capacity Act and deprivation of liberty considerations.

She says: “I think people have more respect for care work as a result of the pandemic. A lot more people have gone into the care industry. We’re skilled workers, compared to what I did in retail, it’s so much more demanding and rewarding. The people we support have profound and multiple learning disabilities and when you can see them make progress it’s very satisfying. It gives me a great feeling.

Amy has key worker responsibility for the people she supports so she can monitor their progress carefully and get to know their family too.

“If I’m feeling down I remember the time when one person who finds it difficult to communicate started reeling off a list of words and it took me by surprise. Someone else wrote the first letter of his name; it’s inspiring!”

She advises anyone who is considering a change of career to give care a go: “People just need to give it a go. You need to have an open mind. I didn’t use to think that it would be for me but it has come very naturally. It’s tiring but rewarding. It makes you feel really good about yourself.”

If you want more information or an informal chat with the team to see if a career in care could be for you, give us a call on 03003039202