Supported Employment

Supported employment is a personalised, person-centred approach to matching the right person to the right job.

At Discovery we believe in raising aspirations and building employment opportunities to enable individuals to make informed decisions about work.

Discovery Our Values

Everyone’s employment pathway will be very different and individual to them.

Transformation of Day Services

As part of our work reviewing Day Services and looking at what our service might look like in the future, you have told us that work is important to you.

So the employment team will be working in Day Services to support people who do want to explore their employment opportunities and to give advice and guidance to people who we support and their families.

We understand that not everyone will want paid employment and we are here to help and support everyone to achieve their aspirations, and aim to secure an opportunity that is right for them.

Please come and talk to us – keep an eye out for our notice boards telling you who the contact is for your local service and how to get in touch.

How do we work?

The Supported Employment Team helps people with learning disabilities and people with autism find and secure employment. We can support people in all or some of the following ways:

  • We get to know people and what they like, what they don’t like, what they’re good at and what they want to get better at. We like to know what they’re interested in and what their work aspirations are. We call this vocational profiling.
  • We work with the person, families, friends, support, training providers and anyone else who is actively involved with the person. We do this to make sure we get a clear picture of their potential and the sort of jobs that will help them achieve their aspirations.
  • From this information we develop a picture profile, which is like a CV but one that show people’s skills rather than using the traditional type of CV (which doesn’t always show the abilities of the people we support in the best way).
  • We work with businesses throughout Somerset looking at their staff needs and how our customers can provide valuable employment. All employers need good workers and our role is to match the right person to the right job role and employer. We find each person a job that matches their aspirations, with an employer who needs their talents.
  • We can arrange working interviews so people can show their skills to employers, instead of following traditional recruitment methods. Once someone starts work we can support them to learn their new job role in the workplace, on the job.
  • If someone needs some more help to identify their talents and what kind of job they would like, we can organise work tasters and trials in different companies and roles. This will help them make an informed decision about the type of job they would like to do in the future.
  • We can support people with their CV, application forms and on-line application processes. We can offer tips and practical advice about interviews and provide support with interviews.

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