Support for learning disability

We support people who have a wide range of learning disabilities to live the life they choose and achieve their goals and ambitions.

We support people with a range of learning disabilities including Prader-Willi, Downs Syndrome, and some of the rarer forms of disability such as Angelman syndrome. We are increasingly providing personalised support for people with complex, profound and multiple needs.

Skilled teaching and the right support enables people to achieve their full potential, building confidence and independence. We support people to have high aspirations, engage with their communities, find paid employment and live their own lives.

We always base our support on the specific needs, choices and ambitions of the individual, following our principles of person-centred thinking, Active Support and Positive Behaviour Support.

Our support ranges from outreach or domiciliary support for people living in their own home, through to group or supported living, or residential care.