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Best practice

Part of our purpose is building an evidence base for what really works. The Dimensions Group invests in evidence based research and outcomes-focused best practice development.

The Dimensions Group also runs initiatives that improve outcomes for people with learning disabilities, autism and complex needs for the long term. Our research, initiatives and campaigns are all centered around the people we support, and we involve them wherever possible. We do more than raise awareness, we make change happen.

Transforming care

For decades, some people with learning disabilities have lived in secure hospital settings, kept away from their families and any kind of normal life. We’re giving them choice and control over their lives.

Person-centred thinking

Person-centred thinking is a set of values, skills and tools we use in getting to know someone, what they find important and what they want out of life.

Autism friendly environments

By training staff in autism awareness, and putting in place a number of autism friendly adjustments, we’re helping to create a more accepting and inclusive society for people with sensory sensitivities. We work with libraries and key cinema chains across the country to provide opportunities for people with autism.


Launched to the nation from the BBC Breakfast sofa and in the Houses of Parliament, #ImWithSam is a campaign to change how hate crime is seen, reported, treated and prevented. We’re working with our campaign partners and influencers to really make a difference.