A picture a day puts the mop and bucket away!

Julie is a bubbly, sassy meticulous lady with various complex needs, including Downs, learning disabilities, OCD, and dementia.

She loves going out, particularly to Slimming World, and when she’s in, she loves tidying!

The people that support Julie started to find that the “homes” Julie was finding for some things were causing a possible health and safety issue. They discussed this with her, but it was causing upset because Julie wanted to put the object in the place she thought it should go.

So the staff supported Julie to make pictorial signage for the mop and buckets. One red, green and blue – Julie laminated these with support and chose a new “home” for the mops and buckets. She put the signs up, and now the coordinating mop buckets are underneath the correct sign.

“Julie asked myself and the manager to come and see what she did and exclaimed whilst exiting the laundry room “Julie is very happy now”!

Jo – Discovery support worker

Jo also told me Julie would love a photo and a story on this, so off I trot with my own tools to meet Julie.

We had a fab time as she took me on a tour of Cherrytrees.

Julie took great pride in explaining what she had done with the colour coded mops and buckets in the laundry room – and in explaining to me that where she was putting it before was in front of a fire door, so that is why it had to move.

The pictorial signage didn’t stay confined in the laundry room, though! Instead, it spilt out over to the flannels for the bathroom and ingredients in the kitchen too!

See what happened next in the video below…

The Dimensions group (which Discovery is a part of) is awarded as one of the UK’s Best Workplaces for Wellbeing by Great Places To Work (2022)

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