A job like watching paint fly

Discovery team of colleagues from Burnham-on-Sea have taken part in a paintball match as part of a team building effort to help new staff fit in.

The event was masterminded by support workers Nicola Kemp and Mark O’Halloran and was a big hit with everyone who took part.

Support worker Jennie Swayne said: “The banter we had helped people to approach our work, and each other, better. We went against another group and the team really pulled together.

“We had a brilliant time. Nicola absolutely went above and beyond in organising this for everyone.”Discovery staff The colleagues pictured ahead of the event During the outing, the Burnham colleagues came up against a new challenge – in the shape of a group of schoolboys.

As well as playing games within their groups, the two teams were pitched against each other across a variety of different ‘maps’, with varying aims (and results!).

The most popular maps were the well-known ‘capture the flag’ format, which in this case was a zombie head, as well as the ‘cabin capture’ map. In the first, the teams try to smuggle their zombie head into the other team’s base; and in the second format the objective is to capture as many cabins as possible within a given time limit.

Locality Manager Liz Perry (masked in picture) said: “Paintballing was a great success.

“It allowed us to build and develop positive relationships between our staff team, and also helped new staff members to fit in.

If you get on well and can paintball together then you will work better together.”

The adventurous team enjoyed the novelty so much that they are already planning their next team building day – this time to an escape room or taking part in a fun run in aid of Discovery.

We look forward to hearing about their next trip.

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