Month: August 2022

30th August 2022

Life begins at 50 – Michelle’s story

Four people we support paddling

Here at Discovery, we support people to take small steps that turn into strides so they can get more from life. And that isn’t just with the people we support. It extends to the family and colleagues around them too. So, if you know you want to do something more with your life and worry […]

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26th August 2022

This September, recruitment hits the road!

Down syndrome man playing drums and down syndrome woman in a passenger seat turning back to smile at the camera

Discovery is heading out on tour across Somerset! Do you live in or close to Somerset? Are you interested in exploring or developing a career in support, where you will make a difference every day? We are holding live evening events across Somerset throughout September. You will have the opportunity to meet some of our […]

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19th August 2022

Why do we have the Community Fund?

Down syndrome woman posing for photo by leaning over a bannister of a walkway

As a not-for-profit, Discovery reinvests 33% of any surplus we make into organisations across Somerset to support the health and independence of autistic adults and people with learning disabilities. These funds make up the Discovery Community Fund, which is managed by Somerset Community Foundation. Last year we commissioned the Somerset Parent Carer Forum and Autism […]

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11th August 2022

When falling asleep is a wake up call – how Matt came off his meds

A person we support at the breakfast table clinking tea cups with a support worker

When a 63-year-old autistic gentleman we support, whom we will call Matt (not his real name or photo), started spending over 48 hours in bed, his team had a wake-up call. Yes, it was lockdown and Matt has a history of spending a long time in bed, but 48 hours plus? Maybe it would not […]

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8th August 2022

The Community Fund re-opens with a story to tell.

A group of people with learning disabilities on a stage

Do you know of an organisation in Somerset that is enthusiastic about inclusivity and making a difference to the local community, but needs a funding hand? Discovery reinvests 51% of any surplus we make into organisations across Somerset who want to support the health and independence of people with learning disabilities. Find out about the […]

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